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Architiv distinguishes itself with high quality construction services. Our project managers ensure that each project flows, and that it is being completed in a timely manner. We provide detailed residential remodeling, renovation, and restoration. Architiv’s portfolio spans a wide range residential homes and industries, including corporate office, retail, and more. Architiv provides the highest level of service by safely delivering high quality and cost-effective projects on time. Architiv values its dedicated team who pride themselves with integrity and hard work while utilizing high quality products and materials every day. Architiv’s goal is to achieve success through a strong committed and long-term customer relationship while providing  excellent service and social responsibility.

Architiv LLC has been serving the DC Metropolitan area for about 15+ years. We are mainly focused in servicing Maryland, but we are proudly servicing clients in Washington, D.C and Virginia. We serve each state with reliable, responsive, and rapid personnel that make every project easy. Our reasonable estimates help our clients visualize budget through professional art and workmanship.  If you would like more information on Architiv, please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns. 



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